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Young Adult AUthor

Jana Grissom is a middle school teacher, an advocate for foster children and at-risk teens, a mom of two amazing teens, and married to Roy, her high-school sweetheart.

Jana holds a Master of Education and is available to speak to students at secondary schools about the writing process or bring a message that challenges them to S.T.O.P. bullying.

Jana is a Texas girl who loves the outdoors, flip-flops, chocolate, and sweet tea. In her spare time, she loves escaping to imaginary worlds through the magic of books.

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Jana Grissom

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One Prince, Two Kingdoms will re-release with a new publisher, INtense Publications, Summer 2019.

I am JUST LIKE YOU! I panic about how my hair looks, my stomach fills with butterflies wondering if people will like me, and I probably have ulcers from all the worry that I'm not good enough. I am super scared of big crowds, heights, and any type of creepy crawly. So, basically every fear I have is on the list of job requirements for authors! Well, hopefully not the creepy crawlies...

One Prince, Two Kingdoms was written to help my foster children who were afraid and I mean AFRAID! They were convinced that "gangsters" were going to come to our house and kill us all for telling their secrets. Although my husband is 6'4'', covered in tattoos, and quite the tough guy, they were still too scared to sleep at night. I had to do something! So, I started telling bedtime stories. An imaginary world was born where their extraordinary foster family could and would protect them from any dangers, even gangsters. The nightmares lost their power! They were soon replaced with laughter and anticipation of the next adventure of a foster kid, Johnny Boggs, who was just like them. 

Fear has no power in the presence of love and imagination.

Each day, I take a deep breath and remember who I love and let my imagination fill me with the power to conquer my fears. I need to share what life has taught me with you and every other teen out there who feels afraid, unworthy, or hopeless. YOU are why I choose to conquer my fears. It does not matter what has happened in your past, where you are right now, or what happens tomorrow. Yes, it hurts and life is not fair but once you learn how powerful your choices are, you can change everything! You have the power to choose your destiny TODAY! Within in you is a strong, worthy individual who can change the world.

"There has got to be a reason all of this is happening."
"Only the king knows and I doubt he will be disclosing the greater plan anytime soon."
"Why not?"
"Everything we do is a journey, our journey. We make choices and deal with the consequences. It's up to us to choose our own path."
"But how do we know where we're going when it's all such a big secret?"
I laugh. "I guess that's part of the surprise."
We watch the water dance around. The trees sway in the wind and blue leaves fall.
"Watch this." I put my hands together and swirl them around. As soon as I open them, a wind funnel forms in my palms. Danielle's eyes light up.
"Can I touch it?"
I laugh. "Sure."

I am an open book and I am on your side. I'm not a face on the back of a book who doesn't care. It's quite the opposite. The only reason my face is on the back of my book is because I do care about you! My email (, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all exist so that YOU can ask me anything. I will listen. I will answer.

I believe in you!

Jana Grissom